FrontRunners: Smoke on the Water

Around 1912, Alfred Dunhill began marking his company’s pipes with a white spot to show his customers how to position the mouthpiece. The white spot became the company’s logo and the name of the pipe-making business, which operates independently of the Dunhill luxury-goods brand. This year, the White Spot is marking another centennial. The White Spot Titanic 1912 to 2012 (www.whitespot.co.uk) is a limited-edition release of 200. The classic horn-shaped pipe is available in a shell briar ($4,490) or bruyere finish ($4,990) and is adorned with a sterling-silver band. White Spot also is offering 25 pipes in an amber root finish ($5,990) with an 18-karat gold band. Each pipe comes with a nautical-themed presentation case and a pipe tool shaped liked the ocean liner’s smokestacks and containing a piece of wood from a salvaged Titanic deck chair.

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