Robb Recommends: A Pendant Light That Turns Geometry Into High Design

A piece with all the right angles.

Louis Poulsen's OE Quasi pendant light Courtesy of Louis Poulsen
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Let there be light, sure, but let it be interesting. Designers are getting more creative with luminescence of late, bending fixtures into clean—but still dynamic—geometries. Made popular by the likes of Bec Brittain and Lindsey Adelman, these mathematical shapes have increasingly become the new illumination of note. In addition to adding interior pizzazz, a well-placed triangle, square or polygon can shed new light on subjects, with their structural forms casting a more alluring glow than a workaday floor or desk lamp.

Looking for a master class in such lines and vertices? Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s latest for Louis Poulsen will give even the brainiest nerd something to scratch her head about. Dubbed the OE Quasi, the pendant contains multitudes—namely, a dodecahedron core within a 20-faced frame. Yet for all its numbers and facets, the piece emits a remarkably gentle glow, with LEDs that cast inward, bathing the intricate center in a cool shine. Contemplating the piece yields a dizzying array of shapes and interpretations. How you see it depends, of course, on your particular point of view.

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