Get Cultured with the Cultivist, the First Global Club for Art Lovers

Members will receive VIP access to exhibits, festivals, and acclaimed artists…

Oscar Wilde once said, “The secret of life is in art.” If that is the case, the Cultivist, the first global art club, has it all figured out. The club was founded in March by Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat—both former directors at Sotheby’s—who launched the auction house’s Preferred program for elite clients in New York and London, respectively. The decision to leave their positions and collaborate from a blank canvas came after seeing a high demand for customized and exclusive art experiences from aficionados worldwide. The new club offers members easy access to the world’s finest creative works, festivals, and artists. Members will receive VIP treatment at 100 museums around the world—such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, in New York, and the Louvre in Paris—including complimentary access and a personal guide.

In May, Verhoeven and Peat led a highly successful trial run in Venice, Italy, with highlights including: a candlelit dinner with sculptor Emily Young while surrounded by her work in the courtyard of the centuries-old Madonna dell’Orto church; breakfast the next day on the terrace of Palazzo Grassi with the museum’s director, followed by a private tour; and a visit to the Giardini for the opening of the Biennale exhibition.

One of the first official club events takes place on July 2, when members are invited to London for breakfast with artist Idris Khan. He will then tour them through the Agnes Martin retrospective at the Tate as he shares what Martin’s paintings mean to him.

The Cultivist will cap membership this year at 1,000 (selecting approximately 500 from the United States, 400 from Europe, and 100 from the rest of the world), who will pay an all-inclusive annual fee ($2,500 in the United States). (thecultivist.com)

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