Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Pens commemorating American heroes are popular among collectors and history buffs. Curtis of Australia recently unveiled its tribute to Abraham Lincoln in its Bicentennial Pen from the Classic Collector Series. There are just 1,809 pens in the edition, each made from blue resin with a hand-sculpted sterling-silver overlay ($750). The master mold for the sculpture will be broken on July 4, 2009—an event that will be available for viewing on YouTube.com. Krone’s newest limited edition honors George Washington. The hand-painted barrel depicts General Washington leading the Americans at the Battle of Princeton, and the navy cap is adorned with the Washington family coat of arms. A coin atop the pen encapsulates fibers taken from one of Washington’s uniforms. There are just 388 fountain pens and 38 roller-ball pens in the collections. The rose-gold version of the fountain pen is priced at $16,500, and the yellow gold is $5,900. (www.curtisaustralia.com, www.kronepen.com)

—Nancy Olson

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