The Level by FluidStance

This motion-balance platform makes standing a fitness activity…

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The Level by FluidStance: $289–$429

 “I’ve been on my feet all day,” can just as easily be an expression of joy when decried by a previously completely inactive, chair-bound office drone who’s recently switched to a standing desk. The next step (so to speak) in standing-workplace setups, the Level platform provides a base that promotes constant, but nearly subconscious, movement.

There’s a sense of fun the board brings to the workplace, but after a few minutes you forget it’s there, and it doesn’t distract from other activities. Using the board increases range of motion by constantly and slightly engaging slow-twitch muscle fibers throughout the day, while also mildly increasing heart rate. An argument can be made that full-body involvement increases the mind-body connection and aides concentration and creativity.  Plus it looks like Marty McFly’s hoverboard. (

The Original Level is sand-cast by hand in San Francisco with .250″ walls of military-grade aluminum and has a sustainably grown bamboo deck, $429. Also available in die-cast base with maple deck, $289–$339.

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