Nakaya’s Venetian Moon Fountain Pen Is a Maki-e Masterpiece

The company used a number of traditional Japanese lacquering techniques to decorate its new pen…

Founded in 1999 by retired craftsmen from Japan’s Platinum Pen Company, Nakaya is a boutique pen maker committed to handcrafting and traditional Japanese artistic techniques. The company’s newest product, the Nakaya Venetian Moon, uses traditional maki-e lacquering techniques to render a scene of the canals of Venice at night. Nakaya’s artisans first apply a fine gold powder to create the background of the picture on the pen’s cap and barrel, and then use metal powders in different colors to add detail. The resulting scene is warm and inviting, with the radiant gold buildings contrasting with the star-speckled black of the pen’s ebonite barrel. The cap is topped with the image of a crescent moon created using the raden technique, which consists of setting small pieces of mother-of-pearl into lacquer. Each $4,400 pen is entirely handcrafted, ensuring that no two versions will be exactly the same. (nakaya.org)

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