Omas’ Flight of the Phoenix

To commemorate the summer Olympics in Beijing, Omas is introducing the Flight of the Phoenix collection of fountain and rollerball pens. The Chinese phoenix, or fenghuang, a symbol of unity, is rendered in bold lacquer on the pen’s barrel, and the Parthenon, Greece’s finest temple, is on the cap. These two great civilizations are thereby symbolically joined to create the whole of the pen, with a stylized Greek key band marking the place where they meet. The Beijing Summer Palace is engraved on the 18-karat gold nib, and jade crowns the cap. The limited-edition collection comes in a variety of color and precious-metal combinations—including a platinum and diamond edition of just eight fountain pens, each priced at $60,000. (516.741.0011, www.omas.com)

—Nancy Olson

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