Outer Space Odyssey

The limited-edition Omas Marte fountain pen references man’s fascination with Mars. Made from rose gold and precious gems, the pen’s surface is a miniature map of the red planet, replete with craters and canyons. Olympus Mons, the highest point, and Hellas Planitia, the lowest point, are among the topographical features that are visible. Two carats of brilliant-cut diamonds on each end conjure polar ice, and four rubies set on the sculpted cap and barrel mark the landing spots of U.S.- and Soviet-launched probes. The edition comprises only 30 pens, each priced at $43,000. Marte is the final piece in Omas’ Man’s Journey series. It follows Merveille du Monde, Apollo 11, Atlantide, and Gaia. (516.741.0011, www.omas.com)

Nancy Olson 


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