Porsche Design Puts Its Signature on a $27,000 Fountain Pen

The Solid Fountain Pen Gold Edition’s barrel is constructed entirely from 14-karat gold…

Porsche Design has long had King Midas’s touch when it comes to mastering form and function, lending its command of design to a wide range of products from smartphones to billiard tables. And it has proven its mettle once again with the introduction of the Porsche Design P’3135 Solid Fountain Pen Gold Edition.

The pen shares its sleek, minimalist design with the P’3135 Solid Fountain Pen, introduced two years ago. However, unlike its predecessor—which was crafted from a solid block of titanium—the barrel of the Gold Edition is made from 14-karat gold. The nib is 18-karat gold, engraved with the Porsche Design icon. Though hidden from view, even the ink-delivery system gets the royal treatment; the mechanism is coated completely in 14-karat gold. Limited to just 11 pieces worldwide, at $27,000 each, the Solid Fountain Pen Gold Edition would surely bring a smile to a certain mythological king’s face. (porsche-design.com)

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