Robb Design Portfolio: Glass Menagerie

When Daum, a French maker of fine crystal, decided to create a collection with a vintage look, it found inspiration in the works of Pierre d’Avesn. The artisan, who had apprenticed for legendary glassmaker René Lalique before going to work for Daum (212.355.2060, www.daumusa.com) in the 1930s, was renowned for his crystal interpretations of animals in the wild. In Daum’s new nine-piece Vintage collection ($1,280 to $16,060), d’Avesn’s archival designs live again in more modern sculpted patterns that blur the line between animal and landscape. Craftsmen make each piece entirely by hand using Daum’s signature lost-wax process, a delicate, time-consuming procedure that delivers exquisitely fine detail. The signed and numbered pâte-de-cristal vases shown here feature scenes of herons and lions. An additional vase with a monkey motif ($1,280) and a white glass bowl with lions ($6,090) are also available.

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