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Omas fountain pens are more than luxurious, functional objets d’art. They celebrate a life, mark an event, or tell a story. The Atlantide, created by Gianluca Malaguti Simoni, grandson of Omas founder Armando Simoni, is the fourth and final in a series commemorating epic journeys—historical as well as mythical and ethereal.

Through the use of ancient symbols for fire, water, and air, as well as images from Greek mythology, the Atlantide depicts the story of the beginning of life and the evolution of man. The wings of Pegasus and the trident of Atlantis grace the nib, and running along the length of the barrel, in Greek, are the opening words to Plato’s tale of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The Atlantide, which measures just under 6 inches long, was preceded in the series by pens commemorating the Apollo 11 moon landing, Marco Polo’s journeys in the Far East, and Columbus’ discovery of America. It is made from pink 18-karat gold paired with a warm red background resin created especially for this edition. A cabochon of amber, one of the earliest precious materials discovered by man, crowns the cap. Only 30 numbered, limited edition Atlantides will be produced for a price of $30,000 each before Omas moves on to the next great story.

Omas, 800.321.4832, www.omas.net

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