Robert Blumenthal Gallery East Hampton Presents Marie Jacotey Exhibition

Robert Blumenthal Gallery East Hampton is pleased to present Dirty Summer of Love, Marie Jacotey’s first solo show with the gallery. The exhibition includes pieces from Jacotey’s, Babe Cave series, a group of 30 oil paintings on dust sheets installed with the use of static electricity. The flatness and fragmented appearance of the work creates the feeling of an ephemeral fresco.

Jacotey’s paintings are concerned with the development of experimental figurative narration through a creative process that tends to be organic and intuitive. Her practice focuses on exploring and commenting on human reactions to essential and existentialist matters such as love and death. Through her paintings, Jacotey shares observations about social interactions from a neutral point of view. The candid eroticism of her subjects conveys an unclear sexual identity, a voice that could be either feminine or masculine.  The poetic nature of her work is reminiscent of Baudelaire’s sentiments in “Correspondance” where something can be seen in a new light when associated with something unexpected.

Jacotey’s work is influenced by artists including David Hockney, Philip Guston, Tauba Auerbach, Thomas Hirschorn, cartoonists Blutch and Daniel Clowes, writers, Marguerite Duras and Alberto Moravia and filmmakers Michelangelo Antonioni and Luis Buñuel. 

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