S. T. Dupont’s Latest Pen Innovation

A new design for challenging times, S.T. Dupont’s Defi, which in French means challenge, invites us to redefine our concept of luxury pens. Completely different from anything S. T. Dupont has offered in the past, the pens have a sleek composite-carbon fiber body that is accented with palladium-finished metal, giving it an aerodynamic aesthetic that is masculine and sophisticated. These contemporary pens are identifiably Dupont with a cap crown decorated with the signature “D” logo, and the band on the barrel engraved with “S. T. Dupont, Paris.”

The collection includes a fountain pen with a medium nib ($430), convertible roller ball ($340) pen, ballpoint ($300), and multifunction pen ($380). (www.st-dupont.com)

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