Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks Are Like Running with a Coach

The combination of sock, anklet, and app gives a real-time take on running form and performance…

For runners looking to step up their game, Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks has them covered. Integrated within each sock are Sensoria’s proprietary textile sensors that run across the top and bottom. Supple and flush to the sock’s high-performance fabric, the sensors are undetectable while worn. Along with the standard measurements of pace, distance covered, and calories burned, data is also gathered on foot strike—how and where one’s foot lands and how much contact time it has with the ground. Further analytics include cadence, heart rate, ascent and descent rates, altitude gain, and number of steps. The information is collected by a Bluetooth-connected anklet with five connectors that attach to either sock directly below the top cuff. Once the anklet is in place, the sock cuff is folded down over it to secure placement.

Translating all of this real-time intelligence is Sensoria’s complimentary mobile app that works on both iPhone and Android smartphones. After the user enters their goals and basic metrics of height, weight, and shoe size, they select the type of running shoe that they wear from a virtual closet of over 7,000 running models. This allows the sensors to take into account the shoe’s construction and level of support, thus determining more accurate kinesiologic feedback. Along with at-a-glance updates given during the session and a detailed report summary at the end, the app also provides a virtual running coach. The high-tech trainer gives an audio and video critique (with a frequency that can be set from silent to “very chatty”) and also offers positive affirmations along the way.

The antimicrobial socks have proven to still perform after 60 machine-washings, but a gentle wash and rinse without bleach is recommended. Sensoria estimates that four pairs of socks—used up to four times per week— should last about one year. The initial $199 package includes two pairs of socks, the anklet, and its specific USB charger. Packs of two additional pairs of socks are available for $49. (sensoriafitness.com)

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