Something Old, New, and Blue

Since 1912, when Walter Sheaffer started crafting pens in the back of his Iowa jewelry store, families have been holding onto Sheaffer writing instruments, passing them forward generation to generation. Sheaffer has released yet another heirloom-quality series: the Stars of Egypt Collection. Available in limited editions of solid gold ($20,000) and sterling silver ($3,500), the pens resemble Sheaffer’s popular Valor models ($365) with several precious twists.

The 30 gold editions feature a .25-carat diamond in place of the Sheaffer signature “white dot,” which appears just above the clip on every Sheaffer pen. Except for small bands of dark blue resin around the base, under the cap, and on top of the cap, intricate engravings cover the whole of each all-metal pen’s body and cap. The diamond as well as the engravings—of pyramids, hieroglyphics, constellations, and the eye of Horus—pay tribute to ancient Egypt’s great astronomers and contributions to the evolution of the written word. (www.sheaffer.com)

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