A Theme of Love

AP Limited Editions combines Japanese and Russian art techniques to create its newest series of artistic fountain pens. The Puppet takes its style from the Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings from the Edo period (1690-1850), which depict imagery from folklore and mythology. To execute the design theme, each brilliantly colored pen is rendered in the Russian miniaturist tradition of the Palekh School, a leading center of Russian icon and mural painting that emerged in the 19th century. Love is the central theme, with a hand-painted image of a graceful young woman holding a puppet of her lover emblazoned on the cap and barrel. Only nine pieces will be created, each priced at $14,000. The eyedropper-filled pen, which comes in an inlaid-wood presentation case, features an 18-karat gold nib—and no clip, so as not to interrupt the perfection of the painting. (310.920.9872, www.aplimitededitions.com)

—Nancy Olson

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