Tomasso Brothers Fine Art Offers Important European Sculptures

When the Tomasso brothers open Scultura III, their third annual New York exhibit on October 21, they expect to draw new collectors and to educate them on some of the world’s most notable and historic sculptures.

“This is a massive opportunity for young art collectors to start an interesting collection for a very reasonable fraction of the cost of a painting,” said Dino Tomasso, who says the price of sculptures is generally not as high as paintings of the same period thus making it more accessible for some collectors. “Paintings seem to outsell sculpture for no particular reason, so one can acquire a beautiful sculpture of the same high quality as a painting that would cost ten times as much.”

The London-based Tomasso brothers, Dino, Giovanni, and Raffaello, are known for their sculpture exhibitions accompanied by in-depth catalogs that are considered serious academic contributions. Among the offerings at the New York exhibition is a large terra-cotta model of a black man holding a mixing bowl by the Flemish sculptor Joseph Willems (circa 1715–1766). The figure was in the collection of Gaston Palewski and inherited by his wife, Violette Palewski (née Talleyrand-Périgord), Duchesse de Sagan. Palewski was a free French colonel and a politician who was a close associate of Charles de Gaulle. Another sculpture features the Madonna and child with the young St. John the Baptist by Benedetto da Maiano (1442–1497). This well-preserved stucco relief is in its original frame.  Also on view is a white marble bust of the Roman emperor Caracalla by Joseph Claus (active 1754–1783), a highly talented marble carver who worked in Rome during the third quarter of the 18th century and sculpted several busts for Pope Clement XII and Pope Benedict XIV.

Scultura III is on exhibit from October 21 to 31 at Otto Naumann in New York. (212.734.4443, www.tomassobrothers.co.uk)

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