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A Stunning Air Hockey Table For Your Own Miracle on Laminate

11 Ravens' American-made air hockey tables blend gorgeous aesthetics and game-room fun.

Southern California game table and accessories manufacturer 11 Ravens has carved out a comfortable niche for itself by offering design-driven interpretations of classic games like pool, table tennis, shuffleboard, poker, blackjack, and foosball (although this interpretation from Hermès might give it a run for its money). However, there was one quintessential table game that the company had yet to add its touch to—that classic of pizza parlors, air hockey.

Presumably working under the maxim of “go big or go home,” the new 11 Ravens Air Hockey Collection comprises tables in 13 different styles ranging in price from $12,800 for the Malibu table to $26,200 for the (Stealth bomber-inspired) Stealth. The designs are based on favorites that the company has used for past tables and include favorites like the aforementioned angular, matte black Stealth table or the Theseus, which rests on a semi-cylindrical base.

The minimalist Avettore ($25,400) air hockey table—also available in a table-tennis configuration—is another one of the company’s standout offerings. It features a minimalist look inspired by aerodynamic design, and the standard version comes with a blue base and an electronic scorekeeper—a feature included with all of 11 Raven’s air hockey tables. The Poseidon air hockey table ($24,100), quizzically, is distinguished by its slated wood paneling, which gives the model an intriguing mix of old-world and contemporary design.

All of the models utilize a high-pressure laminate playing field with a clear acrylic coating covering the entire surface. The puck is kept floating thanks to a commercial blower that produces airflow of 210 cubic-feet per minute, creating smooth cushion of air to play on. Standard color doesn’t match your design sensibilities? The company can customize any table with your choice of lacquer, stain, veneer, or laminate.

So while it may not fit under the tree, a new 11 Ravens air hockey table would certainly be a hit at any holiday party.

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