21 Ultimate Gifts: A Room Fit for a Pharaoh

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It took three years to finish the Theo Kalomirakis–designed home theater shown on these pages—probably not as long as the ancient Egyptians needed to complete a pharaoh’s funeral pyramid, but a considerable span of time nonetheless. The owners wanted a home theater for their Las Vegas property that was as spectacular as the one Kalomirakis designed for their primary residence in California—but completely different. The result is the Nile, a 15-by-23-foot extravaganza that would make Cecil B. DeMille proud. The design motif, which creates the illusion of being in ancient Egypt, is as entertaining as any film you could show on the theater’s screen. This is home theater as it should be: pure escapism.

The bronze door handle takes the shape of a cobra with a gleaming opal eye. A procession of colorful griffin vulture wings graces the ceiling, and the walls are enlivened by 8-foot-tall wraparound murals of the Egyptian landscape at twilight. Twin 7-foot-tall pharaoh figures, reminiscent of the coffin of Tutankhamen, flank the stage’s bronze bas-relief proscenium doors, which depict a scene of a leader receiving tribute from his followers. Perhaps the most remarkable features of the theater are the hieroglyphs that cover the eight reconstituted limestone columns and frame the stage. Sculptor Frank Gallagher spent more than two years carving the symbols.

Kalomirakis, the undisputed leader in home theater design, has agreed to replicate this astonishing theater for a reader. In addition, Image Sound & Control of Las Vegas has assembled a suggested audio/visual equipment package that includes a Runco video projector and processor, a Stewart fixed video screen with electric masking system, Theta audio and video processors and switchers, and Wilson speakers.


Price: $1,022,141.

Contact: TK Theaters, 212.244.2404, www.tktheaters.com

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