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To the reader bemoaning the near extinction of the drive-in, home theater designer Theo Kalomirakis is offering solace in the form of an outdoor cinema. Kalomirakis first ventured outside with his work in 1997, when he built an amphitheater-style structure for a home in Greece, which is pictured on these pages.

He envisions a theater that will cover 3 to 4 acres of land, preferably in the backyard of an estate. A blazing marquee will mark the entrance, as with any theater, and after collecting a ticket from the box office and strolling through the lobby decorated with film memorabilia and posters for coming attractions, visitors will continue to the theater itself.

A massive, 340-inch Blue Ocean screen will dominate the theater. The 21¼2-inch-thick rectangle of acrylic is nearly transparent when not in use, allowing viewers to enjoy the scenery when they are not enjoying a movie. A Runco VX-6C projector will fill the screen with crisp, bright images. Viewers will be seated in folding director’s chairs arranged around small side tables, where they can dine on barbecue or snack on popcorn with equal ease.


While drive-ins are fonts of nostalgia, no one misses the crackling little speakers that hung from the car windows. This outdoor home theater instead will be equipped with weatherproof, custom-built CAT MBX surround-sound speakers and subwoofers that will be concealed within brick and limestone pilasters. The edges of the theater will be marked by white trellis walls entwined with fragrant bougainvillea vines and branches of jasmine.

Price: Starting at $1,245,000. Contact: TK Theaters, 212.244.2404, www.tktheaters.com. The theater is available to one Robb Report reader, who must provide the land on which it will be built. The price assumes the inclusion of the 340-inch Blue Ocean screen, but smaller versions of the screen are available.

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