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9 Must-Have Furniture Pieces, According to 3 of the World’s Top Interior Designers

Amy Lau, Nina Magon and Robert Couturier select their favorite "heirlooms of tomorrow."

Vincenzo de Cotiis Coffee Table Courtesy of Vincenzo de Cotiis

In home design, trends such as conversation pits and waterbeds come and (thankfully) go. Only a select few furnishings endure, and these timeless pieces are sought after by both hard-core collectors and aesthetes looking to punch up their spaces. Three top interior designers share their picks for the sofas, chairs and tables that they’d select for their own homes, no matter the season.

Robert Couturier — Robert Couturier Inc.

Robert Couturier Interior Design

From left to right: Louis XV Fauteuil chair, Saarinen Round table, Ralph Lauren Sofa  Courtesy of Robert Couturier/Ralph Lauren/Supplied

Louis XV Fauteuil chair

“This is the first time in the history of furniture that a seat was created for comfort. It is as comfortable today as it was then—its lines are soft, beautiful and have been unsuccessfully copied ever since it was created 300 years ago.”

Saarinen Round table

“Its shape is practical, elegant and graceful.”

Chanel Sofa

“It’s the most comfortable and glamorous sofa of all. And in spite of its size, it isn’t heavy or clunky.” (Pictured is a Ralph Lauren sofa in the same style.)

Amy Lau — Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau Design

From left to right: Pierre Paulin Tapis-Siège, Joseph Walsh Lumenoria table, Joris Laarman Adaptation chair  Courtesy of Amy Lau/Pierre Paulin/Joseph Walsh/Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman Adaptation chair

“This algorithmically generated chair mimics long-cell growth. Cells stretch vertically to form legs, then fan out to create a seat surface. I would purchase this chair for my retirement and enjoy it for all those special years.”

Joseph Walsh Lumenoria table

“I consider [Walsh’s] pieces to be the heirlooms of tomorrow, today. With a three-year waiting list for commissions, I would consider getting move on.”

Pierre Paulin Tapis-Siège

“Paulin is a transformative figure to me in the history of furniture design, as he created pieces that are freed from social constraints. People now had the choice and the ability to make and combine shapes by assembling pieces together based on one’s mood or desire.” (Pictured iteration available through Ralph Pucci.)

Nina Magon — Nina Magon Studio

Nina Magon Studio

From left to right: B&B Italia Papilio chair, Vincenzo de Cotiis Marble and Bronze coffee table, Minotti Freeman sofa  Courtesy of Nina Magon/B&B Italia/Vincenzo de Cotiis/Minotti

B&B Italia Papilio chair

“The chair feels like it’s hugging you when you sit in it and also has the perfect proportions. I’ve used just about every iteration throughout my design projects.”

Vincenzo de Cotiis Marble and Bronze coffee table

“This coffee table was designed to resemble neoromantic pools of water. The detailing and mix of materials are so well done that it will for sure be a statement piece in someone’s home forever.”

Minotti Freeman sofa

“The amount of intricate detailing and the exquisite craftsmanship truly makes this sofa a work of art. Not only is it built to last, it’s also comfortable and comes in an array of options.”

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