A Historical Crystal Revival

The 425-year-old French crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis, now owned by Hermès, has invited six artisans to reinterpret two traditional shapes from the Saint-Louis archives. The result is Les Confidents—a 12-piece collection comprising six distinct 19th-century-inspired beer glasses, each available in a mug  ($315) and a flute ($415). To be released in October, Les Confidents glasses are mouth-blown, hand-cut, and embellished with 24-karat gold. Each glass takes about 200 hours (more than eight days) to make.

Les Confidents was produced in partnership with the Centre International d’Art Verrier (International Glass Art Center) of Meisenthal, an organization that supports the French Lorraine region’s history in traditional glass artistry. (800.238.5522)

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