A More Modern Murano

People looking for very ornate, wedding cake-style Venetian chandeliers “generally don’t come to us,” says Giovanni Corrado, creative director of Mediterraneo, a 17-year-old Murano glass firm that this year opened its first American outpost, a to-the-trade studio in Manhattan. “That’s not to say we don’t use the traditional techniques,” he adds. But those techniques—such as fiore a caldo (sculpting flowers from molten glass) and filo (application of molten glass color to the edge of another form)—are used to more contemporary effect on its Venetian chandeliers, lighting, mirrors, and even furniture. “It’s about pushing what Venetian glass can actually be, and about how other materials can interact with the glass.” Mediterraneo’s business is completely bespoke. Any design in its existing portfolio can be customized to specific colors and configurations, or Corrado will gladly work with clients to create wholly original designs.  Prices run from $1,500 for a simple pendant to $30,000 or $40,000 (an average chandelier) to $270,000 or more for custom creations. (212.255.2005, www.mediterraneodesign.com)

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