A Sundial for the Birds

When it comes to avian hygiene, the fine-feathered friends on your estate’s grounds could hardly do better than the Audubon Birdbath and Sundial ($6,400). Cast by hand from 110 pounds of silicone bronze and wearing a hand-applied verdigris patina, it is the latest creation of Telescopes of Vermont, a firm established by engineer, amateur astronomer, and inventor Fred Schleipman more than 30 years ago. Its inspiration was the firm’s Art Nouveau–inspired Porter Garden Telescope ($39,500), introduced several years ago, but recently revamped with a new base and even sharper optic instruments. The birdbath and sundial tells time the way the ancients did: using the shadows cast by the sun. The lettering on its rim can be customized ($600 extra) for weddings, memorials, anniversaries, and other special occasions. (617.292.5155, www.gardentelescopes.com, www.birdbathsundial.com)

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