A Treasure Chest for Jewels

The Barcelona-born designer Jaime Tresserra Clapés, who favors highly engineered, exquisitely made furniture outfitted with various secret compartments, has a new Joyero (a word meaning both jeweler and jewel box in Spanish). Its elegant design and craftsmanship explain why Tresserra is in demand as a designer of luxury yachts, and also why his furniture is represented in many museum collections around the world. This jewelry box–cum–vanity is made of either light walnut or a checkered mix of light and dark walnut marquetry, and it consists of two chests atop a console. All the interiors are lined in dark brown or hazelnut leather. There is a security lock and also a removable mirror. The price is approximately $26,000. (+, www.tresserra.com)

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