Anouska Hempel

Signature: Hempel—an actress-turned-hotelier/designer—is known for her architectural approach to interiors, as well as a ravishing sense of theatricality. She’s known for playing with scale (large, dramatically sculptural focal points in rooms, for instance) and mixing Eastern and Western influences. She also has a modern sensibility, even in traditional interiors: an old-world sense of richness, but without the clutter.

Sphere of Work: Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Russia

Fields: Residential, hotels, restaurants, yachts, jets, retail, furniture, product design, landscape

Clients: “A variety of all sorts, from Gypsy caravan trader to a selection of Indian forts.” (Did we mention she used to be an actress?)

Current Notable Projects: Beirut’s Grand Theatre, which is being revived and reinvented as a hotel where “mashrabiya has been [used] with, hopefully, wit and humor.” In Rabat, she has undertaken a “couture branding of Baccarat in the hotel world”—that is, an actual Baccarat hotel. And she has completed a 120,000-square-foot château in the Loire Valley.

Books: Anouska Hempel

(+44.207.938.1515, www.anouskahempeldesign.com)

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