Anthony Ingrao

Signature: “Not allowing any two projects to look alike,” says Anthony Ingrao’s partner, Randy Kemper. “We customize each project to our client’s taste and help them define an individual style. We’re not about selling a ‘look’ to them.” Despite this, there is an unmistakable curatorial focus to what Ingrao and Kemper do. Their antiques gallery is evidence of their encyclopedic knowledge of art and design. They are true aesthetes.

Sphere of Work: The Caribbean, Europe, North America

Fields: Residential, yachts, jets, retail, furniture, interior architecture

Clients: Personalities Howard Stern, Kim Cattrall, Jack Welch, Donny Deutsch, many financial clients, and real estate moguls

Current Notable Projects: “We’re just finishing a $40 million project in Aspen. We’re currently at work on two major penthouses on Central Park; one very sculptural and modern, the other with modern backgrounds showcasing a mix of antiques. And we just finished a farm in South Carolina.”

Books: In the process of developing a book, but their projects have been widely published

(212.472.5400, www.ingrao.com)

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