Appliances: The Küppersbusch Cometh

Küppersbusch (kewp-puhrs-boosh), a deluxe line of ultrasleek cooktops and ovens, is the latest of Germany’s superbly engineered kitchen appliances to reach the United States.

Based in the Ruhr Valley, Küppersbusch has been supplying “cookers” to Europe since 1875, when it built coal-fired enamel stoves for home use. Eventually, the company added electric and gas models, as well as equipment for commercial kitchens.

By 1956, Küppersbusch was the world’s largest manufacturer of cooking equipment; however, it was not until Küppersbusch became part of the Teka Group, a world-class player in the production of stainless steel containers, appliances, plumbing products, and telecommunications gear, that the company felt it could expand beyond Europe. “Only then,” says Peter Flachsmann, Küppersbusch USA director of business development, “did we have the financial backing to enter the U.S. market the right way.” By all indications, that is exactly what the company is doing—from its exclusive approach to sales through select kitchen dealers, designers, and architects, to its white-glove delivery service.

Küppersbusch was one of the first appliance manufacturers to develop such technologically advanced features as convection for residential electric ovens. Called multitherm plus, this heating system enables you to cook a variety of foods on as many as four racks simultaneously, without any smells or flavors being transferred from one to the other—and in less time than a conventional oven. The system works in tandem with the unique ökotherm catalytic converter. Comparable to its automotive equivalent, this platinum-coated stainless steel wire mesh, positioned at the back of the oven near the fan, captures fat, odors, and suspended food particles released during cooking, and transforms them into carbon dioxide and water vapor. As a result, the oven and kitchen remain clean, without the usual buildup of grease.

The elegant black glass and ceramic cooktops have such state-of-the-art functions as sensor touch controls, pan detection, and rapid boil. The ergonomic Profi-Cook Center has a lowered cooking surface within a stainless steel frame for comfortable access to pots and pans. The motorized five-burner Zoom is a futuristic variation of the Profi-Cook, with two rear elements that retract under a counter-height ledge-cum-warming area and griddle. The minimalist Honeycomb consists of a series of hexagonal one-element modules that integrate seamlessly into a counter and can be configured several ways.

Küppersbusch plans to debut a powerful induction wok top later this year. With a handsome smooth surface and a sensuous concave element designed to hug a wok, this cutting-edge classic will be a welcome addition to any high-performance, low-profile kitchen. What better way to prepare our fusion Wiener schnitzel?

Küppersbusch USA, 800.459.0844, www.kuppersbuschusa.com

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