Armani/Casa Debuts its Largest Store on Milan’s Renowned Corso Venezia

The largest of the Armani/Casa stores showcases furniture, textiles, and home decor from its rich history of design…

One of the leaders in luxury furnishings—Armani/Casa—debuted its largest store yet in style capital Milan, Italy, on April 4. The new flagship is located on the renowned Corso Venezia among iconic fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni. The space has the airy feel of a design studio with its high ceilings and hanging scrims of metal mesh that separate the various decor vignettes. “Design is an essential part of my ideal lifestyle, and this new store gives me the opportunity of showing my entire collection for the home,” says Giorgio Armani.

Mr. Armani’s design aesthetic and attention to detail are captured on each of the store’s four floors, but perhaps especially in the sculptural staircase linking each level with its sleek, pale oak boards. Even the undersides of the stairs were considered an element of design and covered in a textile that gives off the flickering shine of mother-of-pearl.


The season’s most recent collection—lighting, furnishings, and accessories—is housed on the ground floor, with wallpaper and fabrics showcased on the mezzanine level. Popular pieces and limited editions can be found on the first floor, which serves as a showroom for the brand’s permanent collection. Kitchens and bath as well as relevant textiles, wall and floor coverings are on the basement level.

To celebrate the new flagship, Armani/Casa has released new versions of some of its classic pieces, such as the Logo lamp, the Jazz bar cabinet, and the Danzica low table, all of which are on display in the showroom. (armanicasa.com)

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