Artfully Appetizing

Designer Vikki Smyth created her Sushi Ushi serving dishes to add artful expression to the dinner table. The Sushi Ushi is a one-inch-thick, clear rectangular acrylic platter that rests upon an assortment of brightly colored acrylic blocks that the chef can arrange in any form. Hotel brands such as the W and Ritz-Carlton like her style: They have both commissioned Smyth to create lines of serving pieces comprising her signature acrylic platters.

Smyth’s inspiration comes from the combination of “functional art and unique individual style,” she says. “Not only will the Sushi Ushi enhance a chef’s creativity but will also allow the chef to showcase his food art most fashionably different every time.” Smyth prefers to create serving pieces in acrylic because of the material’s vibrant color and clean, contemporary look, which she says is “substantial yet airy.” Most of Smyth’s products come with acrylic blocks, wedges, and cones for supporting the dishes, which she says adds “personal style” to the presentation. The large Sushi Ushi, with the accompanying 24 blocks, is available for $330 on Smyth’s Web site. (

—Alexandra Foster

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