Asztalos’ Wiener Chair and Tea Table Raise the Barre

Former ballerina Asztalos draws design inspiration from her intimate knowledge of the human form…

First shown at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Asztalos’ latest release is the Wiener Chair and Tea Table, created in collaboration with Luxury Living Group.

If the studio’s founder, Gabriella Asztalos, is any example, then perhaps more ballet dancers should consider segueing into design after they hang up their slippers. Asztalos, who was born in Budapest and became a professional ballerina who performed in theaters throughout Europe, used her knowledge of movement and the human form and launched her namesake Barcelona design studio in 2011. That year, her Hug Chair won international design awards at shows in New York and Singapore. Her next design, the Floating Garden, won an A’ Design Award in 2013.

Graceful and light yet sturdy and ergonomic, the Wiener Chair (about $4,775) encapsulates characteristics of its dancing designer while referencing the style of late-19th-century Vienna. The chair is constructed of black-lacquered wood with a Vienna-straw seat back; the matching black-lacquered-wood Wiener Tea Table (about $3,160) places its straw on the lower shelf. (asztalos.com)

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