Axel Vervoordt

Signature: Vervoordt’s style is nothing if not polyphonic. Informed by a lifetime of avid collecting in just about any area of art and design imaginable, his spaces are meant to inspire contemplation. By employing contemporary art and Arte Povera (as well as Zero art) against backdrops of classically proportioned architecture, and mixing in touches of Baroque elegance, he creates environments characterized by stimulating conversations among objects that simultaneously convey a sense of stillness and timelessness. “I try to avoid dogma of style. It’s all about intuition and spirituality.”

Sphere of Work: Asia, Europe, North America

Fields: Residential, hotels, restaurants, yachts, jets, retail, furniture

Clients: Robert De Niro has been publicly identified, and his clients span the worlds of art, banking, fashion, and more

Current Notable Projects: “We are working on projects in Tuscany, some fantastic boats, a meditation chapel.” His encyclopedic knowledge of art also has led him to curate a fourth exhibition for the Venice Biennale (opening in June) and he recently helped curate and hang the photography and drawing collection of his friend, fashion designer Herbert Kasper, at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York.

Books: Many. His latest is Wabi Inspirations

(+32.3.355.33.00, www.axel-vervoordt.com)

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