Back on the Farm

Earlier this year, the high-end, eco-conscious home furnishings company Native Trails released the Farmhouse Series of hand-hammered copper kitchen sinks. The collection, ranging in price from $2,300 to $6,000, is a contemporary take on traditional farmhouse basins, offering rustic-chic sinks meticulously crafted from repurposed copper over a course of several days and thousands of hammer strikes.

The San Luis Obispo, Calif.–based company, intent on merging traditional methods with modern designs and sustainable materials, began when founder Naomi Neilson Howard traveled through Mexico, where she discovered the land’s indigenous coppersmithing techniques tracing back to the Aztecs. To craft the Farmhouse Series sinks, as many as three artisans melt down and purify the copper, collected from recycled pipes and electrical wires. While keeping the copper hot, which maintains the metal’s malleability, the craftsmen then roll it into sheets and hammer it out by hand. Unlike standard copper sinks that are soldered together, these sections are welded together with more copper to ensure durability over time.

The Farmhouse Series sinks are offered in antique copper and hand-dipped brushed-nickel finishes, in 25.5-inch-wide single to 40-inch double-well widths, as well as custom specifications. The products are now available in more than 1,300 showrooms throughout the U.S. and Canada. (www.nativetrails.net

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