Best Of The Best 2006: Ascending To The Throne

Baths, showers, sinks, lighting, tiles, towel racks—it seems that every bathroom fixture has been reconsidered, reengineered, and remade in more glamorous forms by spa-dazzled designers. Every fixture, that is, except the most necessary one. Now, however, Kohler has conquered the final frontier of bathroom design with the Kohler Purist Hatbox toilet, a tankless model that can match the aesthetics of the sleekest modern bathrooms.

A 0.2 hp pump concealed in the base delivers a powerful but water-conserving flush and, more important, frees Kohler from traditional, less attractive plumbing arrangements. David Kohler, president of the Wisconsin company’s kitchen and bath groups, compares this innovation with those involving a household item that is only slightly less essential than the toilet. “Over the past couple of decades, we’ve witnessed the television’s transformation from bulky boxes to slim, streamlined screens,” Kohler says. “The Purist Hatbox is simply a natural evolution of how we perceive the toilet.”




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