Best Of The Best 2006: Heavyweight Champ

Like a habanero pepper, the Camacho Coyolar Puro delivers an intense flavor that will overwhelm delicate palates. All of our panelists savored the experience of tasting the cigar, but some doubted they ever could finish a Coyolar. For this blend, perhaps Camacho’s heaviest, the company ventured beyond its own tobacco farms in Honduras’ Jamastran Valley and used especially hearty criollo and corojo tobacco from the nearby Coyolar farm. The wrapper is one of the darkest we have ever sampled, but a reddish undertone hints that subtler flavor notes lie behind the Coyolar Puro’s bluster. One panelist captured the consensus of the group when he described the cigar’s flavor as thick, dark, chocolaty, bold, strong, but smooth. The larger sizes of this cigar offer a cooler, slightly milder smoke, but we especially value the diminutive 41⁄2 x 50 perfecto for its fleeting yet unforgettable dose of corojo power.



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