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Best Of The Best 2006: Water Folly

The Grand Canyon owes its existence to running water, to the rivers and streams that have, over the course of millennia, cut and revealed the rock walls’ layers. The KWC Canyon line of faucets is not as soul-stirring as this natural wonder, but it is remarkable nonetheless. It is the sophomore KWC effort of Bruno Sacco, a former designer for Mercedes-Benz who was responsible for KWC’s Murano line (which was honored in our 2005 Best of the Best issue).

The collection derives its name from the faucets’ topless spigots, which resemble canyons. Both versions of the sink faucet stand high above their bases—the taller of the two reaches 10 inches before bending at a 90-degree angle to accommodate a 4-inch-long spout. Instead of using levers or knobs, Sacco designed the faucets with touchpads that flank the neck; the on-off switch is on the right, and the temperature control is on the left. Sliding your fingers forward, toward the bathroom wall, calls forth hot water, and sliding them in the opposite direction produces cold. The open spigot head features LED lights that color-code the water coursing through it, turning the liquid blue for cold, purple for warm, and red for hot. The head of the Canyon tub faucet also is open. The fixture is equipped with the same touchpad controls and color display, but it is wide, short, and neckless. A concealed mixing valve allows it to impart a waterfall-like effect to the flowing stream.




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