Best of the Best 2008: Decor: Appliances: Miele

The secret behind German appliance brand Miele’s Honeycomb Care “super large capacity” washer and dryer is a pair of patented stainless-steel drums, each resembling a bee’s honeycomb. According to Miele, these drums reduce snagging, and consequently extend the life of fabrics by a factor of four. The washing machine, introduced last year, contains eco-friendly microprocessors that automatically adjust water levels to suit each load.

“Our product range has typically been geared toward the European consumer,” says Matthew Kueny, senior manager of Miele’s product development group. “But we wanted to accommodate a global customer.”

Built to handle supersize loads, the high-capacity washer and dryer, which sell for $2,000 and $1,400, respectively, represent the 109-year-old company’s first products designed specifically for the American market.


Miele, 800.843.7231, www.miele.com

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