Best of the Best 2008: Decor: Bedding: Sferra

When the time came to select a name for his company’s newest and most luxurious bedding collection, Paul Hooker, president and owner of Sferra, a 116-?year-old Italian linen company, forwent the typical practice of conjuring up romantic titles. Instead, he opted to call it Sferra Giza 45, after the material from which the collection is made. “I wanted people to Google ‘Giza 45’ so that they could research and read for themselves what an amazing type of cotton it is,” he says. “I didn’t want our customers to think that this was something a marketing department came up with.” The material, which comes from a remote region along the Nile, accounts for only 0.4 percent of the cotton exported from Egypt and, until now, has been used exclusively for men’s high-end dress shirts.

The fabric’s number refers to the type of yarn, which is indicative of cotton’s quality and softness. (The numbers range from 45 to 100; the smaller the number, the higher the quality.) Previously, the lowest number used in the bedding industry was Giza 70, which accounts for the bulk of Sferra’s other bedding collections. However, through an exclusive partnership with a leading shirting manufacturer, Sferra was able to gain access to a limited annual supply of Giza 45.

Sheet sets ($1,030–$1,780)—fitted sheet, top sheet, and a pair of pillowcases—are available in white or ivory and in three textures: sateen, percale, and jacquard.


Sferra, 877.336.2003, www.sferralinens.com

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