BEST of the BEST 2014 | Home | Decor: Effeti Wood 100% Collection

French chestnut is not terribly hard to acquire, but the kitchen furnishings that the Italian company Effeti makes from the hardwood certainly are. Every year, just 10 custom pieces—islands and so-called tall units designed to accommodate appliances—will be produced for the Effeti Wood 100% Collection (212.502.8916, www.effeti​usa.com), designed by Giancarlo Vegni. “The exclusivity is in how long it takes to dry and season the wood,” says one of Effeti’s cofounders, Shelly McClure. The company matures the lumber for three years in a room held at 60 percent humidity. After artisans make the initial cuts, the timber is dried and seasoned for an additional two to three months before it is fashioned into furnishings. The solid-wood designs, which start at about $125,000 for an island plus a tall unit, strike a pleasing balance between rustic and modern. “There’s a nice contrast between the dimensions and the tactile quality that the wood has,” says McClure, noting that the effect is most powerful when the furnishings receive a natural finish.

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