BEST of the BEST 2014 | Home | Decor: Miele Gen 6000 Combi-Steam Oven

User-friendly enough for a novice cook but sufficiently advanced for a professional chef, the Miele Gen 6000 Combi-Steam Oven (800.843.7231, www.mieleusa.com) merges steam and convection in an appliance that is satisfyingly multifunctional. The $3,695 device, which made its U.S. debut in March 2013, is larger and more powerful than the version introduced in Europe a few years ago, and now comes in an on-trend, neutral shade called Truffle Brown. The user can adjust the cooking method (convection baking, steaming, or both), temperature, and moisture level with custom settings, or select from more than 100 automated settings for meats, vegetables, grains, and pastas. The possibilities are wide-ranging, from salmon and asparagus to soufflé, and such dishes can be cooked all at once, without flavor cross-contamination. 

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