Best fo the Best 2008: Decor: Textiles: Maya Romanoff

Maya Romanoff created his first custom mural in 2003, when architect David Rockwell asked him to make a glass-beaded geisha on the walls of New York’s Geisha restaurant. Romanoff has since designed breathtaking custom murals from family photos, artistic fabrics, and personal mementos for both commercial and residential clients. “The process involves taking a computerized image and manipulating and pixelating it to give it depth,” says Laura Romanoff, Maya’s niece. Then workers create panels and apply beads to them. The service, offered exclusively through architects and designers, starts at about $100 per square foot.

Recently, Rockwell’s and Romanoff’s worlds collided again when the former developed the company’s first licensed collection, David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff. The line features tactile wall coverings inspired by the works of both designers. The two coverings in the collection are priced at $7.73 and $6.74 per square foot. A third collection will debut this fall.


Maya Romanoff, 773.465.6909, www.mayaromanoff.com

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