From Candles to Cookware, 23 Stylish Housewarming Gifts Holiday Hosts Will Love

Deck the halls, the walls and everything in between with these offerings from Tom Dixon, Dyson, TRNK NYC and more.

Mr Porter

Like shopping for a dedicated lover of fashion, housewarming gifts can be a bit tricky. Why? Because not only does your chosen gift say a lot about your host, but it also says a lot about you. The best housewarming gifts exhibit your knowledge about their recipients—and if they’re not carefully chose, they might show off a lack of consideration. You never want to shoot so far from the mark that your gift might not ever get put to use.

But housewarming gifts also reflect on your thoughtfulness as a guest—ultimately, they’re a way you can help a friend or holiday host get the most out of their homes long after you’re gone. Taking a few moments to really think about what your host might need in their new space, or what quality items may last a long time will certainly pay off in the long run. Plus, giving a memorable gift is a great way to ensure you’ll be invited back in the future.


Below are a few ideas that’ll please a variety of tastes—and tastemakers, too.

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Venus Et Fleur Eternity Gypsophila

Venus Et Fleur Eternity Gypsophila

Venus et Fleur

You can never go wrong with bringing flowers. Take it one step further and throw in a great vase. These sculptural containers and blush plants are ideal for warming up any space and are sure to be appreciated by any homeowner.

Buy Now: $189

Open Studio: Do it Yourself Art Projects by Sharon Hurowitz

Open Studio book


It’s one thing to bring someone a coffee table book that features large pictures of beautiful art. It’s another to gift an option that allows readers to create pieces of their own. This interactive art book brings together a group of premier modern artists who each offer lessons on techniques you can try at home.

Buy Now: $79.95 $45.04

Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair

Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair

Fritz Hansen

The original Arne Jacobsen designed Egg™ lounge chair continues to delight with its ergonomic form, revolutionary shape, and high-quality craftsmanship. The embracing curves tell a story of extraordinary crafting excellence. A masterpiece of Danish design, it remains as relevant today as when it was first created in 1958. (As shown $17,847.)

Buy Now: $8,223+

Boy Smells Holiday Votive Candle Set

Boy Smells Holiday Votive Candle Set


People love scented candles, but it’s hard to pick just one that a holiday host will love. So, what’s better than one candle? Options. This set is a great way for your friends and loved ones to try a variety of scents—and you can send them the full-sized candle when they figure out which one they like best.

Buy Now: $58

Tom Dixon Brew Coated Stainless Steel Cafetiere Set

Tom Dixon Brew Coated Stainless Steel Cafetiere Set

Mr Porter

For the caffeine addicts and lovers of good coffee, this six-piece set from Tom Dixon is the ultimate housewarming gift. Like a multi-step skincare routine, making coffee with these tools every morning feels ceremonial.

Buy Now: $450

Wild: The Legendary Horses of Sable Island

Wild: The Legendary Horses of Sable Island


Fashion turned wildlife photographer Drew Doggett captured the magic of Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, and the wild horses that roam free there. As a visual treat, both inside and out, this coffee book is perfect for those who are interested in the beauty of the natural world.

Buy Now: $120

House of Hackney Saber Midnight Large Velvet Pillow

House of Hackney Saber Midnight Large Velvet Pillow

Bergdorf Goodman

Get this pillow for the maximalist homeowner—or your most daring friend who doesn’t shy away from pattern, color or excitement. From the tassel details to the velvet fabric, this is an accessory for someone who loves fun.

Buy Now: $295

By Japan Hirota Glass Carafe and Glasses Set

By Japan Hirota Glass Carafe and Glasses Set

Mr Porter

Whether your holiday host needs help starting their home bar or finishing it, this carafe set adds an elegant touch. It’s sculptural and artistic without being too excessive, which means it can work in almost any room you put it in.

Buy Now: $160

Georg Jensen Silver Cobra Medium Candle Holder Set

Georg Jensen Cobra Candlesticks


These sinuous candlesticks add a sleek touch to any space. Dress a dining table with them, or place them on a fireplace mantel. Wherever they may be, these two fit best for the homeowner who likes a modern aesthetic—but isn’t married to straight lines and right angles.

Buy Now: $140

Ralph Lauren Brennen Leather Letter Rack

Ralph Lauren Brennen Leather Letter Rack

Ralph Lauren

The truth is, lots of us need more assistance getting organized than we’d like to admit. Why not offer a helping hand? Though a bit of a tongue-twister, this leather letter rack is a great gift for anyone who gets mail—and its sleek build and supple material make it the furthest thing from an eyesore.

Buy Now: $175

Caraway Cookware Set

Caraway Cookware Set


If someone is starting fresh, odds are, they’ll need to build a reliable arsenal of kitchen supplies. This cookware set from Caraway Home is complete with a frying pan, saucepan, saute pan, Dutch oven, magnetic pan racks, and canvas lid holder that’ll help the budding home cook find their own culinary style.

Buy Now: $495 $395

TRNK NYC Nimbus Table Mirror

TRNK NYC Nimbus Table Mirror


Too often, vanity mirrors are utilitarian—concerned way more with function than style. That’s not the case with this design from TRNK NYC, which swivels to meet your host’s face at a variety of angles and looks just as handsome as they do.

Buy Now: $230

West Elm Keraclay Incense Burner

West Elm Keraclay Incense Burner

West Elm

Owning a home can be stressful, so gifts that encourage serenity are especially thoughtful. This incense burner’s stylish dark glaze elevates it above standard-issue models, and its elegant holster adds a pleasant twist.

Buy Now: $45

Liaigre: Creation

Liaigre: Creation


If you or someone you know needs interior design inspiration—and a coffee table book for guests to flip through—then Liaigre’s new Rizzoli tome is the perfect gift. Over the course of its 30-year tenure, the French brand has become synonymous with luxury design for its top-of-the-line, bespoke furnishings and custom finishes made of peerless materials. Creation chronicles a few of the more recent highlights, from a St. Moritz villa to a modernist palace in New Delhi.

Buy Now: $75

Dyson Lightcycle Morph


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dyson’s lamp is among the best in the biz. Not only will it illuminate all your various day-to-day tasks, it does so in a way that’s good for your health. The famed vacuum-maker’s light has LEDs that are engineered to emulate the sun’s rays, counteracting any blue light from computers, tablets or smartphones that may stunt melatonin hormones and keep you up at night.

Buy Now: $650

Arhaus Curiosity Cabinet

Cabinet, Home, Design, Gift


Everyone loves vintage furniture, and Arhaus’s cabinet set gives that vibe—no sifting through 1stdibs required. Inspired by old apothecary drawers, you can purchase different versions of the model with additional drawers and form a whole new organization system for your home office, desktop mess be damned.

Buy Now: $1,099 $799

Michele Varian Brass Primary Shapes Table Lamp

Michele Varian Brass Primary Shapes Table Lamp

Michele Varian

Lighting is almost as important as seating and storage. For the new homeowner that likes to have fun with their home aesthetic, consider this modern-shaped lamp. Its sleek appearance works well sitting on an office desk, or adding low-light on a bedside table.

Buy Now: $840

Gunia Project Teacups

Gunia Project Teacups

Gunia Project

For the romantic friend that loves both a handcrafted gift and starting their day with a warm drink, a set of teacups from Gunia Project is a perfect go-to. Inspired by the glass icons of the Carpathian region, this ceramicware adds the right dash of personality to a home.

Buy Now: $75

Misette Table Bubble Glass Pitcher

Misette Glass Pitcher


For the hosts who love to entertain, consider this bubble glass pitcher by Misette Table. It’s a piece that elevates the mundanity of pouring a beverage, and anything that wields the power to romance the everyday deserves all the flowers. It’s elegant, without missing out on the fun.

Buy Now: $190

Sien + Co Cuero Throw

Sien and Co Cuero Throw

Sien + Co

Adding in a throw onto a couch or accent chair is an easy way to help a home achieve that much-sought-after layered look. They add texture while making a room look more complete and liveable. Take the Cuero Throw, for example. With its fringed ends and merino wool, it’ll inevitably elevate any space that it’s set in.

Buy Now: $525

Toast Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle

Toast Sheepskin Water Bottle


Luxury does oftentimes find itself in the smaller things.For the colder months to come, opt-in for a chic sheepskin hot water bottle that puts elegance in practicality. Any new homeowner that likes to live well would appreciate a gift that’ll also keep them warm.

Buy Now: $85

Marni Market Cake Stand in Metal and Green PVC

Marni Cake Stand


Whether they’re a baker or an art aficionado, homeowners will be pleased by this Marni cake stand that follows in the footsteps of the brand’s playful aesthetic. Plus, it’s multi-faceted. If you’re not so much into sweets, this can easily be used for healthier alternatives like fruit.

Buy Now: $210

Hermes Voyage en Ikat Vase

Hermes Voyage en Ikat Vase


Is the new homeowner teaching themselves how to play Chopin on the piano? Do they prefer a classic oxford shoe over a sneaker? Perhaps this Hermes vase would fit perfectly with their ornate and classic aesthetic.

Buy Now: $2,960

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