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Snaidero USA has been serving up innovative kitchen designs for more than 60 years. From the company’s futuristic showrooms to its museum-worthy collaborations with such design luminaries as Paolo Pin­infarina and Virgilio Forchiassin, it has established itself as the trendsetter of its trade. Now Snaidero is taking its cutting-edge—and comprehensive—creations to a new room altogether: the bathroom.

The Snaidero USA Living collection, which debuted in October at the company’s newly expanded Manhat­tan showroom, includes seven distinct bathroom designs intended to challenge the way we view the home’s most private space. “The bathroom is no longer a room that must be kept behind doors,” says Anna Paola Snaidero, vice president and director of public relations and advertising. “Just as the kitchen has become the heart of the home, the bathroom has turned into a sort of private spa where the individual can go to pamper himself and escape the stress of the day.”


Elements traditionally reserved for formal rooms—chandeliers in crystal and in Murano glass, capitonné wall coverings, silver leaf–framed mirrors—are at home in Living’s Luxury line, which comprises the Majestic and Four Seasons models (starting at $54,900 and $26,300, respectively). In Majestic and Four Seasons, the vanity is the focal point, with sculptural steel legs and finishes such as lipstick-red lacquer and sleek polished ebony. Basins and countertops are available in materials including caramel-colored onyx, Bianco Carrara marble, and platinum-lined ceramic.

More streamlined are the models in Living’s Minimalist line: Kubik, Fly, Pivot, Symi, and Touch (which is unavailable now but is expected to be reintroduced in the fall). Kubik (starting at $17,300), a functional take on the cube shape by designer Lino Codato, features flush, wall-mounted cabinets with recessed handles that collectively convey the sense of a floating bathroom. The Touch model (pricing available upon request), a more rugged version of Kubik, has the same sleek lines but is fashioned from wooden beams reclaimed from Italian barns and stables, or (optionally) from a variety of leathers and fabrics. Stacked formations of wood, ceramic, glass, and steel are available, along with dramatic undermount lighting, to create a geometric aesthetic. The ebb and flow of Symi’s curvilinear base (starting at $7,160) recalls Snaidero USA’s classic Pininfarina-designed Ola kitchen.

Like Snaidero USA’s kitchens, all Living bathrooms can be customized to fit any floor plan. Components both large and small—from countertops and bathtubs to drawer pulls and organizers—can be tailored to suit clients’ tastes. Finishes include Corian, water-resistant wood, onyx, beveled glass, marble, ceramic, and colorful lacquers ranging from the vibrant (Lobster Matrix, a shocking orange) to the subdued (High Gloss Anthra-cite, a muted slate). Fixtures—available through Snaidero USA’s partner, the Italian company Fantini—are also customizable.

“It is rare to find such a wide offering,” says Snaidero. “It is the same approach we have always used with our kitchens, which is that there is something for every taste.”

Snaidero USA, 877.762.4337, www.snaidero-usa.com

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