4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Home, According to “Queer Eye”‘s Bobby Berk

Voila! You're a stylish adult.

Bobby Berk from Queer Eye Shutterstock

Your bachelor-pad days may be over, but design foibles still abound in the modern man’s home. Los Angeles–based interiors guru Bobby Berk corrects four common missteps.


THE PROBLEM: “You spend more than one-third of your life in bed,” Berk says—but most of us are still sleeping with an ugly headboard.

THE FIX: Be gone, wood. No more, metal. “Bring warmth into your bedroom with an upholstered option. It will also give you something comfortable to lean against.”

BOBBY’S PICK: Giorgetti’s Ira bed is “sculptural, comfortable, and a statement piece that will set the tone for your room.”

Giorgetti’s Ira bed

Giorgetti’s Ira bed  Courtesy of Giorgetti.


THE PROBLEM: “This is my official PSA that sports memorabilia, neon signs, and movie posters do not count as art.”

THE FIX: You don’t have to be an avid collector to buy special pieces, says Berk. “Invest in art that will fill your walls—and your home—with personality.”

BOBBY’S PICK: Jason Trotter’s Mosaic Configuration series “works with just about every color palette.” The Configuration series is available at Uprise Art.

Jason Trotter’s Mosaic Configuration series

Jason Trotter’s Mosaic Configuration series.  Courtesy of Uprise Art.

Living Room

THE PROBLEM: “We’ve all had that infamous sectional at some point. It’s time for a sofa that works specifically for your space.”

THE FIX: “I like to keep the main furnishings neutral in color,” says Berk. You can add color and patterns with pillows and throws.

BOBBY’S PICK: Baxter’s Janette sofa “has interesting curves and will always be in style.”

Baxter’s Janette sofa

Baxter’s Janette sofa.  Courtesy of Baxter.

Dining Room

THE PROBLEM: Traditional dinnerware— there’s no reason your plates can’t be as design-forward as the rest of your home.

THE FIX: Go for modern with a handmade set in white that’s “simple and timeless,” says Berk.

BOBBY’S PICK: Jono Pandolfi’s Coupe collection, which was designed in collaboration with New York chef Daniel Humm, will “always be classic.”

Jono Pandolfi’s Coupe collection

Jono Pandolfi’s Coupe collection.  Courtesy of Jono Pandolfi.

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