Boffi Celebrates its 80th Anniversary in Georgetown Showroom

Boffi Spa CEO Roberto Gavazzi and Boffi USA-President Lilian Leong joined Boffi Georgetown Showroom Manager Julia Walter and Senior Designer Alberto DeMarco, along with more than 100 guests including Washington, DC’s top architects, to celebrate Boffi’s 80th Anniversary in the Boffi Georgetown showroom on Thursday, November 13, sponsored by Miele. The installation of new kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and accessory lines in the Cady’s Alley showroom were among the highlights of the evening event where Gavazzi shared insight into Boffi’s 80 years of success as well as his 25 years with the high-end Italian kitchen and bathroom company, which is now in 55 countries.

“Boffi is represented in the best cities around the world,” says Boffi Spa CEO Roberto Gavazzi, “and is clearly recognizable.” While kitchens have been the mainstay of the company for 80 years, with 70 percent of sales from kitchens, bathrooms are now one third of Boffi’s business and growing. “We create well-coordinated baths, Boffi-style bathrooms… giving quality of life to daily tasks,” the CEO adds.

“We invest in finding finishes, such as woods, that you cannot find anywhere else… especially in the US where there is more passion for wood and stone,” Gavazzi says. While the various cities present different markets in terms of taste, Boffi has a clear style and technical expertise that is unmistakeable and much appreciated worldwide. “People who travel a lot share the same pleasures, they go to the best designed hotels and restaurants and the newest museums… they have the same level of taste and hire architects who understand the best design,” Gavazzi says. Boffi offers highly customized kitchens and bathrooms for refined tastes, and has introduced wardrobe systems and accessories to complement the high level of designs.

“Our first showroom in the US opened in New York City, in the Soho area, in 2000,” says Lilian Leong, Boffi USA-President. “Since then, we’ve opened in Los Angeles, and then DC. Now, we’re also in Chicago. Boffi Georgetown is one of the most beautiful showrooms for us. Not only is its location beautiful, in the hub of design and fashion, its interior affords us the space to showcase our products without reserve.” 

“I am very excited to introduce the newest finishes and Boffi novelties in the remodeled showroom,” says Julia Walter, Boffi Georgetown Showroom Manager. “The Xila kitchen in the front window stands out through unique fronts in Core Walnut in 3D effect with a beautiful Black cosmic granite countertop. Boffi’s stone selection is focused on showing the characteristics of the natural stone with lots of movement in the granite. The extended peninsula table in ‘metals’ finish is showing different ways of interpreting a seating area on a kitchen island. Accentuated by the new ‘Gio’ lights, the extended seating area is connected to the island.”

Leong adds that the team of trained architects in DC, including Walter, assist Boffi clients in figuring out the best solutions for their residences “because we believe in not only aesthetics, but also in utilitarian purposes. We invite everyone to come to our Georgetown showroom to see, feel, touch and handle our products. It’s a remarkable experience.”

For a company to be in business for 80 years, the brand must have value and continue to evolve. “Boffi will continue to change… especially in the way we structure shops in the future,” Gavazzi says. There will be more videos and products to touch and see with emphasis on the people, both the customers and the Boffi staff. “When visitors enter a Boffi showroom, they might be surprised by the products, but also by the charm and character of the space.” Gavazzi adds. “But we have to sell more than products; we have to create emotions in a space.” With a long term investment like a kitchen, there’s little room for mistakes. “You have to like the showroom and the person in front of you,” says Gavazzi, who is personally involved in the hiring of Boffi staff and oversees their training. 

“Always striving to be the best” is how Gavazzi sees the company staying in business for the next 80 years.

For more information, go to www.boffigeorgetown.com or contact Sherry Moeller, MoKi Media, at sherry.moeller@mokimedia.com or 301.807.0910.

Photos by Kaz Sasahara

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