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Ciarmoli Queda Studio’s Nautical Furniture Makes Waves

Italian brand Annibale Colombo unveiled the new series at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Anytime furniture has to perform outside of the home—in hotels, restaurants, or boutiques—the stakes are high. Conditions are rough in the real world. Soft woods, specialty finishes, light-colored fabrics—anything nice is doomed to a short, thankless life among careless people. Imagine that same level of intensity but on water, and you can appreciate this collection of yacht-ready furniture from Italian brand Anniable Colombo.

Designed by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda of Ciarmoli Queda Studio (CQS), the five-piece debuted during last week’s Monaco Yacht Show. It is convincingly residential in appearance and creation, featuring leather details and metal inlays—not the kind of hard-knocks material choices we usually see onboard. The collection is well-executed and devoid of any overt high-seas references. The leather desk and the dressing table, for example, are worlds away from heavy sailor themes and would be elegantly at home in a private residence.

CQS has made its mark in the hospitality and retail scene, creating slick interiors for big names like Jimmy Choo in London and a recent pop-up for luxury fashion label Agnona 1953. Earlier this year, the pair unveiled their first accessories line in Milan. The collaboration seems to suit both parties well; not only does Anniable Colombo have a special contract division but it also has a heavy emphasis on craft, especially in its traditional offerings. The company has been around since 1812, and those workshop roots are very much in effect. CQS took advantage of that know-how with the leather-clad Compass gambling table and the Mytilini ottoman in particular. Given the deft hand needed for tufting and upholstery, no one would be faulted for drinking only gin and tonics near that piece. But marine-grade furnishings, unlike a weekend of unseasoned charter guests, are accustomed to the unpredictable.

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