Classic is in Vogue by the Hands of Malabar

The black and gold combination aims to bring Malabar’s classic, artisanal pieces onto the world stage, transforming them into relevant and contemporary pieces.

Trinity Mirror

Norman Foster has left his stamp on innovative and sustainable architecture in the past 40 decades. Forever conscientious of the culture and surroundings of his projects, the Hearst Tower erected in Manhattan is one of his greatest achievements, if only for standing out in this skyscraper filled island. In the Trinity mirror the gold leaf application, lacquered high-gloss black and mirror are all executed to perfection, reflecting the architect’s preference for angular forms and precise geometry.

Crochet Side Table

Of the many stories the world has to tell, one of the longest and most beautiful is embroidery, with an array of techniques as vast as the countries in the world. Crochet, having survived the passing of times, is simultaneously still a classic and a modern fixture of present spaces, and the inspiration for the Crochet side table. A tribute to the skills of the artisan, Crochet is a unique sculpting work of a crochet pattern, finding its eternal edification on a high-gloss lacquer wood available in varying colours.

Trinity Mirror from World Architechs Collection and Crochet Side Table from Heritage Collection are unique pieces treated with care, for more information please visit www.malabar.com.pt

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