Signature: Clodagh, an Irish-born designer who goes by a single name, specializes in what she calls “life-enhancing minimalism—all the comfort and luxury you need, but not more than you need.” It’s not about deprivation or asceticism, she says. “I design experiences rather than spaces. We work with all the senses and incorporate things like feng shui, chromotherapy, and biogeometry. It’s design as a healing art.”

Sphere of Work: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America

Fields: Residential, hotels, restaurants, yachts, retail, health care, furniture, carpets, tile, and many other products, including a fashion line

Clients: “Famous film stars and musicians, famous businessmen … famous anyone.” But you don’t have to be famous to hire her.

Current Notable Projects: “Our fifth project for Tufenkian Heritage Hotels, this one in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital; a notable health care center; a luxury spa at Miraval in Arizona; a group of Awake boutiques, a Japanese skin care brand; and a 12,000-square-foot home in Miami.”

Books: Total Design and Your Home Your Sanctuary

(212.780.5300, www.clodagh.com)

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