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This High-Tech Nightstand Wants to Eliminate Your Tangle of Bedside Cords—but Does It Work?

It even comes with storage for books.

Comet nightstand Courtesy of Comet

You might finally untangle yourself from the cables that entwine your bedside like climbing weeds with the new Comet nightstand. Then again, maybe this glowing white cylinder is more frat-boy techie design than you’d like on display. The company aims to start shipping the Comet in January. Early adopters can get one for $500 now, but prices double come 2021. Weigh the pros and cons for yourself.


• Charge all your Qi-enabled devices on one surface, sans unsightly cables.

• Control locks, blinds and lighting from the nightstand if your home is already a connected one.

• Built-in Bluetooth speakers and lighting can be programmed to match circadian rhythms.

• Storage for books, blankets and bubbly.

• The nifty spin-open lid is easy to operate in the dark.

Comet nightstand

The exterior glows to double as a nightlight.  Courtesy of Comet


• Older devices are still going to need charging cables.

• The table’s built-in apps are compatible only with Android systems, so if you’re an Apple fan, this is just a not-very-smart table with a fancy lid.

• It looks more like a giant Google Wi-Fi router than a chic furnishing.

• Do you really need to drink in bed?

• A reading lamp or vase on the surface won’t last long if you try to spin open that top.

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