Contemporary Lines and Copper Shades by CreativeMary

CreativeMary enjoys adopting earthy copper tones for its ability to create a more inviting and cozier interior. Granville and Brera II are two floor lamps made to escape the invisibility of their function, to go unnoticed in a dark corner of the home.

Granville floor lamp borrows the dramatic spirit of the Granville island and the skyline of Vancouver to create an elegant light fixture, perfect for expansive spaces. The lamp features a diversity of tubes, in copper plated brass and glass, brought together by a black lacquered brass ribbon.

CreativeMary took from the bohemian Brera, in Milan, the eclectic mix between tradition and sophistication, and created a seductive Brera II floor lamp, where the artisanal technique of copper leaf aims to enrich the contemporary lines of the aluminum shade.

Both from CosmoMary Collection, made with passion and uniqueness, for more information about these pieces please visit www.creativemary.com.pt.

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